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. tell me how the women of the state of kentucky will respond to this new nastiness from mitch mcconnell. he's already at 36% approval. what will they think of him sitting there talking about a woman they know of, they maybe wouldn't vote for but they know of her, and the fact she's emotionally unbalanced and sort of enjoying that information and how he might use it. how can this help this guy? >> oh, it doesn't help this guy. and i don't think it's just with women, chris. i think it's with all kentuckians. and i lived and worked there for five years and i kept in close touch with kentucky. this just reaffirms and deepens the image of mitch mcconnell as a ruthless, cold-blooded politician who will say and do anything to win election. that might not make him fundamentally different from a lot of other people, but to kentuckians, that's always been a problem with mitch mcconnell. they both -- they sort of respect on one level his ruthlessness, but they don't like him personally, and it's one reason why he's never won a runaway election in kentucky. he's always had to take the lowest
not need to worry if you live in kentucky, michigan, ohio and tennessee, and covered by it saying the irs has no business doing this to you. if you live in one of the other states, you're screwed. not to put too fine a point on it, arthur, am i right? >> the fourth amendment, the expectation of privacy. if i send my friend a personal e-mail, should i expect privacy. >> megyn: yes. >> trace:. >> that's the first prong and the second prong, would society back me up. >> megyn: yes. correct, that's what the court ruled and said it's a violation of the fourth amendment and the irs wrote in internal memo, yes, we can do it, but if it's challenged court litigation will go on a long time and what you recover is going to be stale. is it worth it anyway. they're acknowledging. >> megyn: and i understand that the lawmakers in the house and senate now that it's called to everyone's attention by the aclu, credit where credit is due, they're pushing to change this law and tell the folks at the irs. >> i think i know where this came from. this power of the irs appeared in irs handbook in the year 2009
. this week and is the kentucky derby. hoping for a a race that will go down in history. he has written three kentucky derby winners in his -- ridden three kentucky derby winners in has notrs, but he canno participated in the derby in seven years. i thought i would come back. i did not think it would be after seven years, but i started getting the itch during the triple crown last year, especially during the breeders' cup. is the 47th horse he will saddle in the kentucky derby, the most ever by a trainer in kentucky derby history. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. who aren't happy with their internet... hi, are you suzanne? i am... did you say "my internet is so slow it would be faster to look thin
home state, kentucky, has plused energy for centuries and most importantly we have produced coal. and our coal industry that has been built by the hard work of my fellow citizens of kentucky powers america. kentucky was the third largest coal-producing state and coal mining was the greatest source of energy production in the commonwealth. in 2011, coal mines employed more than 19,000 individuals through the year and mining directly contributed to approximately $4 billion to the commonwealth's economy. what has the war on coal brought to our country and to kentucky? domestic coal decreased by 4.6% just last year. in 2012 u.s. coal consumption for electric power declined by 11.5%. ithin the past year, 226 coal-electricity generating units have been shut down. in 2012, kentucky's overall coal production decreased by 16.3%, reaching its lowest level of production since 1965. and this has an impact on real people. u.s. coal mining jobs dropped by 7,700 in 2012. and new impending e.p.a. regulations will cost $1 -- 1.65 million jobs. with coal-fired generators shutting down in the comin
her limits when she makes a run for the roses at the kentucky derby. >> i'm steve kroft. >> i'm leslie stahl. >> i'm morley safer. >> i'm bob simon. >> i'm lara logan. >> i'm scott pelley. those stories tonight on "60 minutes." >> kroft: tonight, you're going [ male announcer ] we started with raw inspiration, and set out to reate something entirely new. something unexpected. no compromises. no committees. no excuses. just the purest expression, of everything we love about driving. introducing the radically new toyota avalon. ♪ toyota. let's go places. ♪ i've always had to keep my eye on her... but, i didn't always watch out for myself. with so much noise about health care... i tuned it all out. with unitedhealthcare, i get information that matters... my individual health profile. not random statistics. they even reward me for addressing my health risks. so i'm doing fine... but she's still going to give me a heart attack.wee more e looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare. life has a funny way of catching us off guard. unfortunatel
important. >> former cia spokesperson marie harf. thank you. just ahead a top democrat in kentucky accuses progress kentucky of making that audiotape. it was made at senator mitch mcconnell's headquarters. why does this controversy matter? >> fight breaks out on a city bus. a young toddler caught in the middle of it. her mom throwing theory another passenger to go fight somebody. first producer's pick is my suggestion the whole team agreed. you can watch it over and over again on my facebook. it's k-mart's new commercial about the store's new free shipping offer. >> i can't wait to ship our pants back. >> i just shipped my pants and it's very convenient. >> i just shipped my drawers. >> just shipped my nighty. >> just shipped my bed. dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. to appreciate our powerful, easy-to-use platform. no, thank you. we know you're always looking for the best fill price. and walk limit automatically tries to find it for you. just se
you ever get good people to run and why -- because -- this was actually kentucky democrats too. you sent this to me, chris. how kentucky democrats duped the mainstream media and helped elbow out ashley judd. this would make anybody not want to get into it. >> it is heartbreaking in a way. it does keep good people out. not just ashley but on a larger scale, there are a tremendous number of really qualified good people who don't want to run because they don't want to open up their personal lives or even just like a lie can become the truth as we've talked about here. if you have enough money to put it on the airwaves. >> stephanie: we were talking about this the other day. social media these days and the internet and stuff that didn't exist. jfk would never have been president, lyndon johnson wouldn't have been president. today, there were a couple of major things about ashley judd which were completely untrue but by the time they rocketed around the social media and into the mainstream media by the time they do retractions, it is too late. >> retractions are generally lame. it has be
? ♪ >> michael: on the campaign front outside groups are turning up the heat on kentucky senator mitch mcconnell. he is obstructionist number one in washington and up for reelection next year. the gabby giffords backed group is using mcconnell blocking expand expanding background checks in a new radio ad. listen. >> we watched, we listened we felt it but senator mcconnell won't listen to us. 82% of kentuckyians support universal background checks but senator mcconnell voted against them. >> michael: the only way to help president obama out in the senate may be to send mcconnell packing. some insiders believe that 34-year-old secretary of state, allison lundergan grooims may be the best candidate. >> i'm going to give it the due diligence that it deserves and that's making time with my family and with the supporters that helped to get me here to the office of secretary of state. >> michael: one candidate who is not i wasting any time throwing his hat into the ring businessman and air force veteran ed marksberry. he joins us from owensboro, kentucky. welcome. >> i can'
.m. eastern on c-span. is the >> now kentucky senator rand paul speaking to students at howard university, a black gluferte d.c. e talked about the party outreach to young people and minorities. his is about 50 minutes. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. i would like to thank the president and the faculty and the students letting me come today. people ask me are you nervous about speaking at the university, some of the students may be democrats? y response is the trip will be a success if i can get the hilltop to have a headline that ays a republican came to howard but he came in peace. my wife asked me last week, she said do you have doubts, do you have doubts about trying to advance a message for an entire country? the truth is sometimes. when i do have doubts i think f a line from t.s. elliott. a line that says how should i presume to spit out the butt ends of my ways. when i think of how political enemies twist my ways i think of those words, when i'm pinned on the wall how shall i presume? here i am at howard, a guy who once presumed to discuss the civil rights act. some people say
armstrong williams. followed by kentucky senator rand paul's remark at howard university in washington, d.c. >> i would like to think it is an important book in a sense, it tells you how the court works. there are so few good books out there to explain the process, what are they saying to one another? we see this court that splits the -- see the cases that splittings the court 5-4. it is a book about how the court operates. >> when you dig into the notes and the library of congress, the memorandum, the notes back and forth between justices that are available and a lot of stuff is available. you -- i'm not a lawyer. but i was fascinated by the human side of it. in many cases, justices have -- you can see that justices have
. >> you're welcome. >> let's talk politics now. in kentucky, a mystery solved. maybe. in case you have forgotten, the staff of senator mitch mcconnell, caught on tape discussing how to take down ashley judd, parts by attacking her mental health. those tapes were leaked. now a new firestorm after one state official says a liberal group is responsible for the secret tape. >> they were there, for whatever reason, whether or not somebody from mcconnell's campaign tipped them off, they were there. they overheard this salacious conversation and decided to record it. >> joining me now, cn thnch contributor and cnn strategist maria cardona, and we have jason johnson. welcome to you, both. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. >> what he was talking about, the location of this, the liberal group in the hallway of mcconnell's re-election campaign headquarters and listening through the door and had a recording device and they recorded it through the door? it's very convoluted and we don't know exactly what happened. but that's how things stand right now. mitch mcconnell said this is a watergat
in kentucky who publicly identified two men who he said bragged to him about recording that meeting at senator mcconnell's campaign headquarters. our guests told us that the men are in charge of a controversial super pac called progress kentucky and say they confessed it all to him and the same super pac that made racist twitter comments about senator mcconnell's wife, elaine chao who worked for president bush. and they sought to distance themselves from the party. and riley, whose attorney confirms he's speaking to the fbi, actually attended last year's national democratic convention in charlotte and describing himself as a dell delegate to that convention and indeed was listed as such on the website. and chris stirewalt from power play live. it appears based on the link i looked at, chris, he was a delegate at the democrat's convention, mr. riley was, as active in democratic party matters for some time. that doesn't make him some top democrat in kentucky, but what mcconnell's campaign is claiming and his staffers are claiming is you have to look at the big picture. and this is coming in at t
about his competitors: cenk: do them out. i don't know what that means it might be a kentucky thing but they were ready to get tough with everybody specifically ashley judd, because they had a lot of dirt on her. now, when you look at the different people who might have actually recorded this, that's where mitch mcconnell's team that gotten angry. they think it might have been a bugging of their office, making accusations. >> last month my wife's ethnicity was attacked by a leftwing group in kentucky and then apparently bugged my headquarters. i think that pretty well sums up the way the political left is operating in kentucky. cenk: well, when mother jones was confronted with these bugging charges, they said: cenk: all right now we are bringing in two guests, our epic political host, michael shure is back and kevin robolard is a reporter for politico. take things one thing at a time. first whether all this planning against ashley judd was fair game. i want to show you one more clip about that relating to her mental health which they apparently wanted to question. cenk: kemp, is tha
is not worth some of the other things. cenk: not worth it at all. if you remember from kentucky, bunting proposed to cut unemployment, even the republicans called him radical. what we got was they extended unemployment, which even the republicans admitted not extending it was radical. beth i want to give you last word here, because i know lee agrees with me. go ahead. >> i would say you got to look at it for the long term. president obama has extracted a few things out of republicans that nobody thought was possible. out of the fiscal cliff deal, he got them to raise taxes on high earners after they said no way. cenk: that's nothing. >> no, that's not nothing. cenk: i got to interrupt. >> don't interrupt you've been talking and talking. they got that. there's a little bit of a movement. cenk: i like her strength. go ahead. >> when was the last time we saw any gun legislation come out of washington? these are things that happened under this pot who is looking like he's giving it all away, but he is getting things back that nobody ever thought he would. cenk: i got to answer this. if we di
there is breaking news coming in. the place is fort knox army post in kentucky it is on lockdown as fox reports tonight after reports of a shooting there that happened this afternoon. details are just coming. in we have no word yet on any victims. but a spokesman says fort knox is 100% on lockdown. he says the shooting unfolded near the human resources command, which price some 3800 people. we're waiting for more updates live as we get them. well, maybe the carnival cruise ship triumph is just cursed. hours ago that cruise liner broke loose to from its morings and smacked into another ship. somebody went overboard. actually, multiple people and now a worker is miss not guilty water. can you see some damage there on the right side of your screen. see the highlighted area? the cruise wind blames high winds up to 70 miles per hour for tearing loose the ship. one worker describes what he saws. >> we was on the ship working and looked across and the roops started breaking on the carnival triumph. two of them broke real fast and the rest of them it was just snap, snap, one after another it was kind o
. the who dun it in kentucky, involving a secret recording of mitch mcconnell and his campaign team strategizing about how best to undermine an ashley judd candidacy has taken another term. jason conway heard the leaked secret recording of mitch mcconnell on the mother jones website. he tells nbc news, he knew who did it. >> i knew what was in the tape, and then when i heard the mother jones article, i said, i know who that is. i don't think they were trying to make money off of it. they weren't trying to get famous off of it. i don't even think they were planning on using it. conway says two activists, part of a group called progress kentucky bragged to him back in february just hours after they had recorded it. conway, with who was interviewed by the fbi on thursday, says he didn't think of telling anyone about the recording when he first heard about it, because he was unaware that the two activisted hat potentially committed a crime. and he asserts he is making this public to protect democratic candidates in kentucky in 2014. >> i did not want their silly mistake, their overzealo
of months ago in mcconnell's campaign office down in kentucky. it was leaked. this is the time when he thought he was going to have to run against ashley judd. and it was leaked to mother jones. what the tape shows is they were doing some what's called oppo research. opposition research into ashley judd figuring out how they were going to run against her. the tape comes out. the first story is oh, my god, the mcconnell can campaign was talking about going after ashley judd talking about her mental health problems and mcconnell goes out and accuses democrats of bugging his -- we don't know where the tape came from by the way. still don't know. right? calling on the fbi to investigate, accusing democrats of being nextonian. that was the second phase. now that we are into the third phase of the story, which is mother jones is packed with another report this morning that it looks like mitch mcconnell was using senate staffers members of his senate crew here in washington to do the opposition research for his campaign, which, of course is against the law. t
"buckwild" has died. shane gandee was found along a dirt road in kentucky along with the body of his uncle and a third man. the reality star and his uncle were reported missing on sunday. >>> michael jackson is the subject of another lawsuit this time a civil suit brought by his mother against concert giant aeg live. the trial will examine if the company was criminally negligent in the hiring of his personal physician, dr. conrad murray. murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011. >> caroline kennedy will soon follow in the foot steps of her grandfather. nbc news confirming she will soon be tapped to be the next u.s. ambassador to japan. >>> new jersey governor chris christie has signed a bill banning children under 17 using tanning beds. that move comes after the now-notorious case of the so-called tan mom who allegedly brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. >>> the white house got in on an april fools' joke after what was called a special message from the president. turned out to be a small message. 9-year-old robbie novak known online as kid president ret
bar of kentucky bourbon, and wichita mayor carl brewer betting some nice steaks and plenty of kansas barbecue on the game. i'm hungry. >>> well, you won't see lance armstrong competing this weekend in swimming races. after learning the banned athlete was signed up, the international swimming federation put a stop to those plans. >>> and nba star chris bosh of the miami heat came home from celebrating his birthday to find out that he had been robbed of about $340,000 worth of valuables. bosh's children and two babysitters were in the house when someone stole watches, rings and cash. the thief did not take bosh's championship ring, though. ♪ >>> and they're off for the 41st annual running of the rats at spalding university in kentucky. many of the rodents appeared confused about the rules or even where to go, but finally, as you see right there, there was a winner. it's supposed to relieve stress from the rat race of finals week. ha ha. >>> just ahead, a new report, though, is out this morning that says president obama will go after budget cuts for social security and medicare. we ha
connell for the kentucky senate seat he has held for a generation. >> as long as the republicans keep doing really dumb things about women's reproductive health that should help energize girls and women in this country. >> reporter: it was a challenge mcconnell and his campaign team took very seriously. after opening his campaign headquarters in louisville in february, mcconnell and his inner circle privately discussed their so-called oppo research on how to attack judd using the kind of blunt language political operatives use all the time but rarely in public. >> the first person we'll focus on is ashley judd. >> reporter: what they didn't know is it all would be caught on tape. >> basically i refer to her as sort of the oppo research situation. >> reporter: they screened this tv clip of her from the 2012 democratic convention. >> the most diverse delegation in tennessee's history, 90 votes for barack obama. >> reporter: that's tennessee not kentucky. the core of what could be a ready-made tv attack ad questioning judd's loyalty to the blue grass state. they showed a potential willingness to get perso
at gun shows and online. but conservative republicans led by kentucky senator rand paul have warned they'll block any proposals that they say threaten the second amendment. that strategy is frustrating many democrats. >> please let us go to the floor. if we go to the floor i'm still hopeful that what i call the sweet spot, background checks, can succeed. >> reporter: gun rights supporters insist the obama administration's going about it the wrong way. >> even if you had all your universal background checks, bad guys are going to get guns and it's not going to solve the problem in the schools and it is not going to diminish the need for greater security in the schools. >> reporter: just days after connecticut passed the nation's toughest gun laws, governor dan malloy today responded to nra's head, wayne lapierre, who said the state's new restrictions wouldn't stop criminals from illegally getting guns. >> wayne reminds me of the clowns at the circus. they get the most attention. that's what he's paid to do. >> reporter: and other battles are looming, lester, as congress prepares to tackle
to find that cold front that is sitting right through areas like western kentucky, western tennessee, and stretching into southern texas. along that line we have heavy downpours, severe storms still possible. we also have lost the threat of tornado watches right now across kentucky and tennessee. but there's the best chance of seeing more severe storms into the panhandle of florida today. we'll keep an eye out for those severe storms. and heavy snow across parts of minnesota where a foot of snow is possible. tornados, hail, heavy gusty winds and snowfall totals up around a foot. this is one of those storms that has most of the country talking. >> yeah. with concerns about tornadic activity. >>> stocks continue to surge today. we'll tell you what's moving your money. >>> plus, an amazing medical break through about pain and your brain. >>> a new bridge has a real fire-breathing dragon. it's not disneyland. "first look" is back in three. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and thr
edition of that game. >>> as we get close to the kentucky derby, a cute little rabbit was spotted here. the kentucky derby is a week from saturday. seen here on nbc. >>> and the tampa bay rays had two penguins from the florida aquarium walking around their clubhouse. the manager was trying to get his players to chill out. it seemed to works the rays beat the yankees. >>> a broken water pipe might be to blame for this landslide. that undercut part of a deck stretching back about 15 feet under the home itself. the grand terrace, california, home has been deemed unsafe and owners can't return until engineers decide what to do next. we'll be back in a moment. you're watching "early today." >>> it's a rain-free forecast in the west. we will have some clouds to deal with just like yesterday. a little storm system spinning off the coast giving southern california plenty of clouds and cooler temperatures there. much warmer from central california and portland and medford. this weather patterns holds. then as we get towards the weekend, that's where we're going to watch a little moisture. cold
of that statement, mcconnell said he was not accuseing progress kentucky of bugging his headquarters although it sounded like he was but it sound like that it's nice to know that it's against use when it's used against republicans. donnie, a veteran of many war rooms, including al gore's 2002 presidential campaign. >> mcconnell is mad because he's older than richard nixon. >> michael: that's a great point. >> you got him from the get go. >> michael: it's absolutely interest. donnie, part of me thinks it's outrage by the way they're behaving. part of me thought it was cool listening in on something like "the war room" there. >> did you bug it? >> michael: i know nothing i know nothing. the idea that this is a typical war room struck me. is this typical or did they kind of go over the line? >> the mcconnell people took this right out of the text book. they went after ashley judd on mental health, on the fact that she has depression. and they didn't want to respond to that because they know there is no good answer to that. they deflected and punched back just like a good boxer would do, they pun
. >> robin anderson of kentucky also knows what it's leak. they spent many years working in this car seat factory, making just about $20 an hour. >> i don't miss it too much. >> every week, was a financial struggle as they tried to raise a family. >> it does feel good to not have to come back. and god blessed me for a reason. i doesn't know what that reason is yet, but he's blessed me for a reason. >> can you give me a bonus? >> they were the only winners of a $128 million jackpotment they took home after taxes a cool $43 million. yet it's still hard for rob to imagine having so much money. perhaps that's because when he was a teenager, he was so broke he lived in a car for a few weeks. >> so how much are you still that young man, that 19 year old who was homeless living out of his car? you're still living with that fear when it comes to money. >> i think psychologically, yes. the public doesn't know what rob has been through to come all the way to the bottom of the rope. >> it's a big change. >> you know, it's scary. >> they have been very careful how they spend. one of their first purch
becomes a detainee. kentucky senator rand paul and jeb bush were there and the only one who stood a chance was chris christy. vice-president joseph biden and chris christy came out slightly behind. >>> president barack obama is trying to put gun control back in the spotlight. from the washington d.c. newsroom, he is dealing with lawmakers. >> reporter: senators will not likely start debating gun control legislation for two weeks instead of next week as planned. harry reid said it would be the number one priority when he returned this coming monday. he has excluded dianne finestein's web upon's ban bash weapons' ban and he said back ground checks should become universal including those at gun shows. one reason president barack obama is speaking is the state recently passed laws to expand gun background checks and limit the number of magazines they can hold. and president barack obama leaves for colorado three hours from now and we will have more on his agenda when i see you next hour. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> meantime con
the restrictions on guns including arkansas, kentucky, maine, mississippi, south dakota, tennessee, michigan, montana, utah and virginia. for example, arkansas eliminating a ban on carrying firearms, south dakota is now on the school boards for our teachers and tennessee passed a law allowing workers to bring the guns to work and store them in their car. i bet you did not hear about those lost in the national mainstream media. we may soon be able to add indiana to this list, lawmakers are deciding whether to make thursdathestate the first in tho require every school to have an armed employee. and indiana house committee yesterday advanced the proposal. we are sorry, mr. president. from the looks of it most states do not in fact agree with you. do not agree with you. and that is healthy for the country. connecticut stripping gun rights from its citizens. telling us why the law did not focus on the illegal part. the question cuts and obamacare, a deadly impact on cancer patients on medicare. that's shocking story next. texas law man laid to rest as the lone star state searches for his killers.
has since said she will not run for kentucky's senate seat. mother jones says the recording were made during a february 2nd meeting of mcconnell's campaign in kentucky. the magazine quotes mcconnell himself as saying during that meeting, quote, i assume most of you have played the game whack-a-mole. this is whack-a-mole period of the campaign when anybody sticks their head up, do the math. the mcconnell campaign is now asking the fbi to investigate the leaking of the tapes and the campaign told msnbc we have always said the left would stop at nothing to attack senator mcconnell, but nixonian tactics to bug campaign headquarters is above and beyond. we have also reached out to ashley judd. we have not gotten a response from that camp. i want to bring in our tuesday political power panel. ann kornbluth from "washington post," karen hunter and republican strategist hogan gidley. great to have you here. we will not be playing these audio tapes out of an abundance of legal caution because of where these tapes were recorded and the one party consent rule and blah, blah, blah. but you can ch
in kentucky, then apparently they also bugged my headquarters. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪ [ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >>> it's been a somewhat 24 hours in the re-election efforts of senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. first he decided the president's moving speech on gun control to the sandy hook community monday was the perfect moment to announce his support for a gun control filibuster. then today moments after majority leader harry reid spoke movingly about gun control and his own father's suicide, mcconnell took to the floor to praise the louisville cardinals, margaret thatcher
. kentucky democratic party official jacob conway said when he heard the leaked secret recording on the mother jones website, he immediately influence who was behind it. >> i knew what was in the tape. when i heard the mother jones article, i said i knew who that is. i don't think they were trying to make money off it or trying to get famous oyster. i don't think they were planning on using it. >> he said part of a group called progress kentucky bragged to him back in february about what they had captured hours after recording it at mcconnell's kentucky headquarters. one of the men conway identified through an attorney. he denies it but admits to being a witness. as for the other activists, neither he nor his attorney have yet returned calls to nbc. >>> nbc's like russert is live on capitol hill. after the story broke there was a bit of fundraising done by mitch mcconnell. they put out the word that his office had been bugged in hope of picking him up in the polls in his own state. >> reporter: well, it is quite fascinating. it is something that has really galvanized a lot of the
shooting at ft. knox in kentucky that forced the base to be locked down. an army civilian employee was killed in a parking lot after what appears to be a personal dispute. authorities want to question a possible suspect who may have fled on a motorcycle and the base has since been re-opened. >>> it's being called the cursed carnival cruise ship, that cruise liner that stranded thousands in the gulf of mexico over the winter has now broken loose from its moorings in alabama and this morning, one worker is missing. here's abc's matt gutman. >> reporter: this morning as many as five tugs are working to lasso the wayward carnival "triumph" adrift again. >> due to the high winds the carnival "triumph" broke its moorings, drifted over across the mobile ship channel, it had a small collision. >> reporter: a squall pounding the ship with 800 crew on board. and knocking it loose from the dock being repaired wednesday sending all of them on a terrifying ride downriver. brandon vikers watched the chaos unfold. >> the wind just came out of nowhere. i seen a couple of portalettes go flying by.
a filibuster threat from 14 republicans including the senate minority leader kentucky's mitch mcconnell. meanwhile, parents of some of the 21 chirp killed in december's sandy hook massacre were on capitol hill going door-to-door to implore senators to please support president obama's efforts. vice president joe biden who met with the parents this morning described one mother's reaction to senators opposing the bill. >> how do they explain not doing anything? my baby was hiding in the bathroom. she got shot through the heart. it was just such a profound way of asserting, don't they understand? we're talking about filibustering. what are they doing? >> john: at the white house, press secretary jay carney said senators owed their constituents at least a vote on the issue. >> if senators don't have the guts to go on the record, to vote how they feel on this issue, background checks or the other issues, that would be a shame. that would be disservice to their constituents and to the 90% of the american people who want this passed. >> john: opposition to wildly popular gun control isn'
's office in kentucky while he discussed ashley judd? kelly is next. >> bill: kelly file segment tonight. senator mitch mcconnell says somebody bugged his office and posted the actual audio of private conversations on a web site belonging to the far left magazine mother jones. the fbi now investigating that and here to tell us all about it attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. the smoking gun, kelly, is this. somebody in mcconnell's office saying some bad stuff about ashley juted. >> sleerly emotionally unbalanced. the >> bill: why is the fbi involved? >> because senator mcconnell. this is a top republican in the u.s. senate says that wasn't the product of a mole. somebody on his team taping him without his knowledge and taping his team without his knowledge that he claims was somebody bugging his campaign headquarters. watergate style. that's his accusation. >> that's a federal offense? felony? >> absolutely right. under federal law and under kentucky law, which would control here. it is illegal to tape somebody unless one party to the conversation has consented. if you are and kent
's illegal -- >> mcconnell was right, his enemy as are out to get him. liberal group called progress kentucky. >> a local democrat says two people from progress, kentucky, one of the people from that group resigned admitting to taping this from a hallway or door that was partially open. this was a bugging operation. >> indeed, it was. >> it totally got glossed over. we're not glossing over it. "reliable sources." >> what was interesting, the gentleman who resigned from progress, kentucky, was, himself, a journalist. and he was fired because of his activism, you know, sort of bleeding into his journalistic work. >> at the same time, it seemed to me mcconnell got barbecued for even talking in a private session about how he might go over ashley judd, who, by the way, is not running. not like these discussions don't go on in every campaign. unless he does something, is it fair game? >> you know, i didn't think that what we heard in those tapes was very surprising. i mean, we know what ashley judd's problematic history has been for running in that state. >> so, i don't, i don't in terms of, i mean
. >> in my dreams. >> the kentucky derby thing coming up? >> we have our kentucky derby hat contest. go to our website, klgandhoda.com, and submit a photo of your original creation, get crazy. you have until tomorrow. and you may just be sent to the kentucky derby. >>> coming up, a good friend of ours and a party partner of yours -- anthony mackie. >> he's -- >> anthony. >> the ladies on the plaza are getting excited. and the ambush makeovers coming up. >> does he have a dog? is that blake? was it? did you guys get blake here? right here? no, he's with anthony. with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ hotwire.com isn't that for digestive health? yeah and did you know trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive and immune health by working in your gut where 70% of your immune system lives. try trubiotics today. where 70% of your immune system l
, that is the kentucky, they are celebrating, it's church hill downs incorporated and they are celebrating 20 years as a publicly traded company. they do the kentucky derby. the lesser known, but i guess very old, just doing a little research. >> yeah, the kentucky oak, very, very old. one of the the premier horse races just like the derby. >> so 20 years of a public traded company. >>> we will smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us. friday, april 26th. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. >>> police are looking at surveillance video of a destructive fire overnight. we find more on whether or not this fire will impact school today. certainly a lot of damage. >> reporter: definitely a lot of damage. but school will go on as planned today. and classes will not be canceled according to police. we spoke to them within the past half hour. and if you look behind me, you can see most of the damage is in the center of the portable units here. and that is where the fire investigator says a bathroom was located. neighbors are reporting that they heard teenagers in the area just before they
am. >> his nape was five for five -- five for five. he won with kentucky way back in 1976. >>> they started several small fires and firefighters responded to furniture being set on streets as disappointing wolverines walked out and there are at least 7 fires and 2000 orest the. some partied and stayed out a little too late. he never made the arrest. time now 438 am i some maybe call burglarily will be in the dance -- cal berkeley will be in the dance. >>> there is some roadwork here on east 80 coming up to the 101 interchange and you can see it right there, traffic is going tobies i and it looks like they will be -- going to be busy and it looks like they will be busy as a result, and we will be watching it closely to retaliate you know when you get out of there. westbound bay bridge getting into the city and getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving well, 4:39 let's go to steve. >>> it is still clear and breezy but nothing like what we had yesterday, there is generally more of a northerly breeze for us the jetstream has gone to the north and it will be sunny breezy
, talking about my sources in kentucky, mitch mcconnell still even to this day has a problem with the conservative base -- >> losing the primary. >> of the republican party in kentucky at the very bottom of the transcript that david got, there's a throw away line where the aides say and by the way, don't worry, boss, we're going to look the a the primary challengers, too, and that's something -- >> let's go with that. is this whole -- i'm bringing the fbi in, i'm doing my comments at the end of the show. he has a little spat and calls in the fbi, for the the local cops, and all of a sudden the fbi. what is this? they must love big government, don't they? >> i can tell you because we at "mother jones" brought the story. >> by the way, congratulations. and who's the guy that gave it to you? just kidding. >> we send it out at 7:00 in the morning. >> we? who are these other people involved? >> people who work for me. >> so you came in overnight? >> we had it for a week or so. you have lawyers vetted and all that stuff. we put it out and send it out to the bloggers and tweeters an
in kentucky, mitch mcconnell still, even to this day, has a problem with the conservative base. >> losing the primary. >> of the republican party in kentucky. at the bottom of the transcript david got, there's a throwaway line the aides say, don't worry, boss, we're going to look at the primary challengers, too. >> let's go with that, is this whole -- i'm bringing the fbi in, by the way, these hard ass conservatives, we don't like the big government coming in and intruding, first thing he does, calls in the fbi, not the local cops, the fbi. what is this? love big government, don't they? >> i can tell you, because, you know, we broke the story. >> by the way, congratulations. who's the guy that gave it to you? just kidding. >> we send it out at 7:00 in the morning. >> we, who's involved? >> people that work for me. we had it for a week or so, lawyers vetted, all that stuff. we put it out, send it out to the bloggers, tweeters, all that, and see some interest, people are saying this is great, maybe you can come and talk about it later, but 10:00 in the morning, fbi, everything exploded. it
policy. >> born in 1818 in lexington, kentucky, mary todd a group of and lived to see her husband issued the emancipation proclamation 45 years later. a mother of four sons, she witnessed the death of three of those sons as well as her husband's assassination. her life was filled with lincoln'sut as political partner, she relished in his success. a look at the life and times of mary todd lincoln, one of the most complex first lady's. thank you for joining us on the first ladies: : 10 damage. we invite to of our academic advisers. historypenn is a professor at meredith and morgan state university. at the table again is the director of five presidential libraries including the abraham lincoln library in springfield, illinois and a presidential biographer. thank you for being here. we will start with richard. mary todd is often viewed in broad strokes. criticism of her lavish spending and overly indulgent mother. if you look at a more nuanced picture, what do you see? 90that is why we need to get minutes, to begin to get at the nuances. has been called the great american story, an integral
with kentucky way back in 1976. >>> they started several small fires and firefighters responded to furniture being set on streets as disappointing wolverines walked out and there are at least 7 fires and 2000 orest the. some partied and stayed out a little too late. he never made the arrest. time now 438 am i some maybe call burglarily will be in the dance -- cal berkeley will be in the dance. >>> there is some roadwork here on east 80 coming up to the 101 interchange and you can see it right there, traffic is going tobies i and it looks like they will be -- going to be busy and it looks like they will be busy as a result, and we will be watching it closely to retaliate you know when you get out of there. westbound bay bridge getting into the city and getting up to highway 17 that traffic is moving well, 4:39 let's go to steve. >>> it is still clear and breezy but nothing like what we had yesterday, there is generally more of a northerly breeze for us the jetstream has gone to the north and it will be sunny breezy and it will be warmer. yesterday was about
but on the record there is this, kentucky senator sent a letter to senate majority leader harry reid saying they will oppose any bill that infringes on the second amendment. >> owe the parents of these 20 babies that were murdered at sandy hook elementary school. >> reporter: somefullys left connecticut with the -- some families left connecticut with the president on air force one. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the u.s. senate confirmed president president obama's nominee to head the securities and exchange commission. >>> the number of democrats showing support for same-sex marriage continues to grow today. he was the latest to endorse it. he said his views has revolved. that leaves three to come out in support for gays and lesbians couples to marry. >>> jc penny's board of directors ousted its ceo. he was on the job for 16 mungs. they said it led to -- months. they said it led to massive sales drops. >>> wikileaks released 2 million secret u.s. government documents from the 1970s. they are about henry kissinger when he was secretary of state. no shocking re
wild has died. shain gandee was found inside a ford bronco on a dirt road in kentucky along with the body of his uncle and third man. the reality star was reported missing since sunday. >>> michael jackson will be the subject of yet another lawsuit. a civil suit brought by his mother against aig live. they will examine if the company was criminally negligent in the hiring and supervision of jackson's personal physician. he was found guilty in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter. >>> a bill banning children under 17 from using tanning beds. that move after the now notorious case of the so-called tan mom who allegedly brought her 5-year-old daughter into a tanning booth. >>> and the white house got in april fools after what was called a special message from the president. it turned out to be a small announcement literally as you see there. 9-year-old robby novak known online as kid president returned to make an appearance in the briefing room. very cute. >>> time for a check on what's moving your money today. here's cnbc's bert a coombs. good morning. >> good morning. it would be
amendment. lou: this breaking news in from kentucky -- fort knox on lockdown after a shooting at human resources command, no reports of casualties or injuries, but army post confirming this is on 100% lockdown, all inbound and out bound traffic, closed. we'll have details as soon as we bring them to you on the shooting and fort knox. fort knox on lockdown as a result of a shooting that has taken place, all of the details that we have right now. but, as soon as they become available we'll bring them to you. >> all but one of former atlanta school educators indicted in one of the largest cheating scanneddals have turned themselves in former elementary school principal, only person. of 35 indicted, not to report to jail before a midnight tuesday deadline. former superintendent of atlanta schools beverly hall surrendered last night, and released hours later after posts $200,000 bond. hall, allegedly engaged in a broad conspiracy where they changed student test scores and received bonuses for the improved performance of those students whose scores they changed. >> testimony in jodi arias tr
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